Točilo OPTIMA 4 satna fi 600 mm univerzalni koš električni pogon

avtomat.,fi 600 mm, za AŽ in LR okvirje
Cena z DDV:
628,00 €
Točilo OPTIMA 4 satna fi 600 mm univerzalni koš električni pogon

The construction of these extractors as well as the implemented steering system enable to smoothly regulate the number of basket rotations. Both 4 cassette and 4 comb extractors are suitable for small sized apiaries and can also be utilised by non-professional beekeepers.
The main features of those are: compact size and user-friendly.
The adapted technical solutions allow for efficient extracting of high viscosity honey.
The cone shaped bottom for fluent honey dripping.

Honey extractor description:
4-cassette & tangential 4-frame honey extractors are made of acid-resistant, stainless steel. Manual & electric drive equipped extractors enable you to carry out your tasks outdoors as well as in workshops with the access to electricity.
Drum& stand construction:
The drum is made of acid-resistant, stainless steel.
The side of the drum is made of steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm, the cone-shaped bottom is made of steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm
The stand is made of steel coated with black paint embossed using electrostatic painting. Stable and easy to dismantle.
Tangential & 4-cassette drum construction
Tangential basket made of acid-resistant stainless rods, with a thickness of 0.3 mm and 0.5mm. The bottom of the drum is made of acid-resistant stainless steel with the thickness of 0.8mm
4 – cassette basket made of acid-resistant, stainless steel with the thickness of 3mm and 4mm, equipped with 4 cassettes with the mesh size of 20mm x 40mm, cassettes loosely attached and manually turned. Basket embedded in mounted bearings.
Electric Drive
230 V /12V power supply, equipped with the new SDD control system.
Manual drive mechanism made of steel and it is powder coated. Sprocket-wheels made of steel, transferring torque to the axle of basket (by turning)
Transparent, made of acrylic glass. It protects from the dangers of contact
with a rotating basket and helps to stay clean.
Drain valve
Stainless steel, flap, 5/4 "


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